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Running your Accounts Over the Internet

Our online service allows your business to manage everyday accounting over the internet - conveniently, cost effectively and securely

When we both have access to the same accounting software and data at the same time - this gives both of us the freedom to work on the data wherever and whenever necessary. On-line accounts make it easy for us to work together.

This service greatly enhances our ability to collaborate closely. For example, your staff may raise all the sales invoices and post cash received. At the same time, we can maintain the accounting ledgers and provide a credit control service.

Our Xero accounting software is hosted in the cloud and we set you up with your own log-ons.

Our Sage accounting software is fully hosted on dedicated third party secure servers, making sure that all your data is safe. All users can easily access the data using a web browser.

The great benefits of our online service are:

  • it enables us to work more closely together
  • you gain easier access to up to date accounting information and reports
  • your staff can enter some of the data such as sales invoices, whilst we can do the other entries at the same time
  • your staff can look up information and print invoices
  • you can restrict access by your staff to only those parts of the software they need to see
  • we can more easily supervise and check all the data entries as they occur
  • if your business operates in more than one location or country, we are able to maintain one set of accounting data from more than one location
  • the set up does not require a network, just a broadband web browser

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