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International Expansion

Globalisation presents huge opportunities for your business to grow revenue and profits

Building a business that is seamlessly integrated across different time zones and cultures presents a special set of problems.

We have experience of dealing with multinational clients – so we are familiar with many of the issues. Our clients have found it hugely helpful to centralise their finance function in one place, enabling accounting information to be properly co-ordinated and presented to managers and owners around the world.

We can help you

  • carry out research into foreign markets
  • look for partners, distributors or agents in the local market
  • set up a sales office
  • consider the VAT and Customs rules for the export of your goods and services
  • examine the foreign currency and cash flow implications of selling abroad
  • deal with freight forwarders to handle transport
  • find local lawyers, bookkeepers and accountants, bankers and other professional advisers
  • decide on the most suitable entity for your overseas business (e.g. foreign subsidiary or branch office)
  • consider all the local and international tax implications
  • recruit local staff
  • set up a local finance and accounting function, and co-ordinate it with the other international parts of your business
  • prepare monthly management accounts and reports for the local businesses
  • manage a central finance function providing information to all the managers and owners wherever they are

The Benefits of Online Accounting Explained

Having access to Sage or Xero accounting software over the internet enables us to work much closer with you.

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Special Support Entrepreneurs

Many great businesses are run by a partnership between an entrepreneur and an accountant.

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