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Services for Entrepreneurs

Many great businesses have been created by entrepreneurs and accountants working together, the partnership of Michael Marks and Tom Spencer (M&S) being a fine example

Starting a new business from scratch is both exciting and rewarding, but also extremely challenging.

Having worked with a number of highly successful entrepreneurs and, having been in business for many years ourselves, we are well qualified to assist you with either your start up or expansion.

The success of your business will partly depend on your attitude, skills, level of commitment and perseverance through thick and thin. The support of your family, friends and business partners will also be very important.

You will have to address a number of vital issues, especially in the early days. You need to research your market, form the business, write a business plan, raise finance, open a bank account, find premises, buy computers and furniture, get on-line, get appropriate insurance in place, source suppliers, recruit and pay staff, tell the taxman what you’re up to, and that’s probably before you’ve even landed your first customer !

We can help

  • research your market and assess its likely potential in terms of sales
  • estimate the amount of finance you will need
  • prepare a business plan, cash flow forecast and budget
  • consider outside sources of finance such as bank overdraft or venture capital
  • decide on the most suitable business format (e.g. sole trader, partnership or limited liability company)
  • find solicitors, bankers, HR and any other professional advisers you may need
  • register you for tax, national insurance and VAT
  • assist you with the negotiation of any contracts with third parties
  • employ staff and set up a PAYE scheme
  • set up an appropriate bookkeeping and accounting system which can be relied upon to give you the information you need, when you need it
  • design a pro-forma monthly accounts and reports package so that you keep up to date with what’s happening

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